To My Readers

You have truly given me so many heartfelt moments!

I wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who’ve followed along in my Kate series, and especially the few of you who’ve taken the time to build up in me the kind of feeling I’ve only ever imagined a successful author might have, and of course, we all know I’m not one of those.

These comments… I just really had no idea. I kept thinking, “Okay, well I’ve read enough of them now, I’m safe,” and nope… tears again and again.

It’s this realization that Kate really is a living character now and she really has readers who care about her… I don’t know how many people actually saw these posts and stopped to read them, but I know it’s not very many and only a handful of you read them all. The amount of love I’ve gotten back from those of you who did, the incredible things you’ve said to me… it seems so much more than I ever thought I deserved.

This story… your support… I feel like I can finally say I’m a writer. It’s a dream of dreams come true and I love you so much for giving me the chance to live it!

I’m so thankful to you all! Thanks always for reading! ♥

~ Annie

About Anne Schilde

Image "Webster's Kiss" © 2011 Anne Schilde Thanks always for reading! ♥
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12 Responses to To My Readers

  1. Chatter Master says:

    🙂 You are the best.

  2. You have so many supporters because you’re an awesome writer!!!

    Also, I’ve nominated you for the Lucky 7 Meme Award 🙂

  3. Ermilia says:

    Thank YOU for continuing to write. 😀
    – Ermisenda

  4. And we’re thankful that you’re actually writing this story! You are brilliant (sigh…how many times have I told you that now? haha), and creative, and an amazing writer, Annie!

    I can’t wait until you actually get this story published some day (soon)!!! 😀

  5. You’re only saying that ’cause it’s true… 😉

  6. The Coconut says:

    I am VERY new to reading your Kate series but I immediately understood the attraction. I instantly fell in love with Kate and cannot wait to read more!!!!

  7. Nanda says:

    YOU are a writer, Anne. You should never doubt this statement.

  8. Famous or not – you are a wonderful and very talented writer! 🙂 Will never stop reading your stuff – keep it up!

  9. Jenn Jennings says:

    Keep writing, darling – it’s only when we do what we love that we can truly be who we are. Namaste.

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