Jenny and the Snowy Owl

Red-orange eyes blinked back at her like two glowing embers twinkling in a darkened hearth.

Fiction – Fantasy Adventure

Copyright © 2011-Present
Anne Schilde
All rights reserved

12-year-old Jenny Wilson is plagued by a recurring nightmare until she is carried into the world where it began. With the help of the giant owl who carried her there, she must learn to control a world of dreams, and bring an end to the nightmare.

Jenny and the Snowy Owl is a novel in progress. All chapters after Jenny’s Nightmare are/will be password protected.

Jenny’s Nightmare
More than Meets the Eye
The Legend of the Talí
Secrets in the Sea
Out of Place
Return to Bandor
The Keeper and the Key
Two Sisters

Coming next…

Stealing from Umann (title likely to change)

When I first began writing Jenny’s Nightmare, this melody began playing in my head, and I just had to capture it…

4 Responses to Jenny and the Snowy Owl

  1. yerpirate says:

    That was interesting what you said about not writing two stories at once. You might be right!

    • Anne Schilde says:

      It seems like for me, if I don’t dedicate all my time to the one story, it gets lost. Even Kate has been stuck a while with just a few chapters left to go.

    • Anne Schilde says:

      The quote Pirate is referring to has been edited out. It said, “In Webster’s Kiss I wrote that it’s a mistake to write two stories at once. You tax your imagination and then in the end, you’ve worked hard enough to write a story but you only have two halves that don’t make a whole.”

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