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Thanks Always for Reading! ♥

I say that easily more often than anything else I say. Anyone who has commented on my stories a few times has probably read it in my replies at least once. A lot of first time commenters get that reply … Continue reading

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A Very Good Story

Sit down, relax, make yourself comfortable, and lean in close. I’m going to tell you a story. It’s a very good story and it would be a terrible misfortune to spoil it with discomfort. I will picture you at first … Continue reading

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Picture it & Write

Yay! My first time published! Many of you are already familiar with the fantastic writing prompt that inspired this publication, but for those who aren’t, I encourage anyone to play along each Saturday, or at least stop by and read. … Continue reading

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Support and a Secret

Late on a Saturday afternoon, shortly before the end of my 8th grade year, I sat alone in my room, scribbling in a diary my mama had just given me. It’s funny, because it was singularly the most important day … Continue reading

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A Kiss of Anise

Emmet Brosnahan, self-appointed poet laureate of Galway, sat nose to the countertop in a pub of forgotten name on E 91st Street. His head was supported only by an elbow, that being at the other end of a firm grip … Continue reading

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Clean Slate

I once wrote a kind  of challenge where I asked my Facebook readers for 5 words and then wrote a story based on the 5 suggested words. I’m feeling dramatically unchallenged right now. I will entertain all kinds of stuff … Continue reading

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My story is too long…

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