The Price of a Flower


Cover Design: Ermisenda Alvarez

Fiction – Historical drama

Copyright © 2012-Present
Anne Schilde
All rights reserved

A late-19th-century prostitute talks about her childhood, her life at a brothel in an imaginary town called Willow Bend, Louisiana, and the struggles that changed her life.

This story was completed on-line under the title Kate on 10 February, 2013, almost exactly a year after the first post went up on Picture It & Write. Ermisenda Alvarez, co-host of Ermila blog and the Picture It & Write prompt, designed this beautiful cover for me and you helped select it with your votes and comments.

I’ve completed the compiled manuscript. It’s been through three bouts of editing now, a couple of beta readers, and after a voodoo doll was procured in New Orleans to help me with my self-confidence, I’ve started shopping for an agent. The original draft has been password protected, but you may always continue to read and share the Prologue.

I can’t express enough how difficult emotionally this story was for me to write, and how impossible it would have been without the love and support you all gave me along the way. Thanks so much to everyone who supported Kate’s story! ♥

Related stuff that is not part of the book…

The Old Saloon – This older Picture It & Write contribution was written using some of Kate’s “memories.”

Sold – This piece of fan fiction was written by Adam Drake at 1 Story A Week with my permission. Thank you so much for the incredible honor Adam! ♥

To My Readers – A heartfelt thank you. ♥

William’s Ritual – I couldn’t pass it up with the picture of the watch, some parts of this were added to the edit copy. This was the fifth of five Picture It & Write posts that were incorporated into this novel.

Book Review: Kate by Anne Schilde – The most amazing experience of my life to see this! Find out what Ermisenda Alvarez had to say (wow, I totally just had déjà vu writing that) about my story in my first ever book review!

Dorothy Dix TalksContains spoilers! A short epilogue written from my last unused notes. It won’t be part of the book.

13 Responses to The Price of a Flower

  1. Ermilia says:

    Hello all. I’m the number one fan of the Kate series written by Anne Schilde (if you wish to compete me for this title…bad luck!) 😀 I can’t wait to read more about her story and the journey she takes. Stay strong Kate!

    – Ermisenda

    • Anne Schilde says:

      You’re so funny, Ermi! ♥ I should probably remind people that 4 of these posts (so far) contain links to Ermilia’s Picture It & Write!

      I don’t think I believe in reincarnation or anything like that, but I do believe the memories I have of these things belong to someone real named Kate… mostly because in one dream that Abbie lady called me Kate. That story was actually the first I wrote, but it’s part of Webster’s Kiss, so I’m debating what to do about that here.

      Kate’s stories are extremely painful for me. I live them in my dreams and I relive them at my keyboard in far more vivid detail than I could ever bring myself to write. I spend a lot of time doing the crying she couldn’t do. She is definitely a labor of love, but I won’t compete for the title. 🙂 I’ll just read that as, “Stay strong, Annie!”

      Thanks so much for reading! ♥

  2. Nanda says:

    Awwwwww! I’m SO happy about this, you have no idea, Annie! Kate stole my heart! Love you both! And keep strong! 😉

  3. Eliza says:

    I have a new follower and she reminded me of your character Kate:


    • Anne Schilde says:

      I took a quick peek. Probably shouldn’t read too much while I’m writing. It was a very different world 120 years ago, but a lot of the emotion, tragedy and triumph would still be similar and I want to make sure I’m writing Kate’s story.

  4. gotmeghan says:

    Have you heard anything back about if it will be released? I haven’t finished it and I’m about to go insane! I wanna know what happens next, even though I have no idea what chapter I was on. Lol

  5. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples says:

    Hi Anne,
    Please let me know when you are published.
    I will definitely buy and support.
    Enjoy the rest of your week. 😉

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