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The Falling Dream

The dream is always the same, every night, falling, falling without end, until nausea or reflex pulls me from my sleep with a sudden grasp of my bedsheets. The dream was the same, that is, until tonight. Falling dreams aren’t … Continue reading

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Silent and dead are just not the same thing. The eternally silent are not necessarily dead, and the eternally dead are not necessarily silent. It’s as simple as that. I don’t care whether you believe me or not. ~ Annie

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Sun Kissed

Katie was crying miserably, stood on a stool, water running, washcloth in her trembling hand. “What’s the matter, honey?” Her mother stepped into the bathroom and turned off the faucet. “They won’t come off,” Katie sobbed, scrubbing the washcloth at … Continue reading

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Still Ticking

Carl walked into the office at Offgoods’ Trading Co. and seated himself uncomfortably in a throwback wooden armchair, clearing his throat to further announce his arrival. The company’s eponymous owner, William, scribbled diligently away at his desk, seemingly oblivious to … Continue reading

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A Calling

The phone rang, once, twice, three times… I glanced casually over at the caller ID before the fourth, but I knew what it would read, and I knew I couldn’t answer. Work – of course- and my head turned hypnotized … Continue reading

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Thanks Always for Reading! ♥

I say that easily more often than anything else I say. Anyone who has commented on my stories a few times has probably read it in my replies at least once. A lot of first time commenters get that reply … Continue reading

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Glass Horses

Kathleen slipped off the table where she’d been sitting and tucked her phone away. “My mom’s here, gotta run…” She grabbed her bag, threw quick one-armed hugs around the rest of us and dashed off. I slid up next to … Continue reading

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