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Mostly, I try to write in my own voice, although several people have said I sound like Harper Lee. I finally read To Kill a Mockingbird in 2012, and I guess I get that sometimes Flower Anne sounds like Scout in her dialogs, but beyond that, I didn’t really think so. I have, however, on several occasions very purposefully emulated other authors, some perhaps more notable than others.

Don’t get me wrong. I like my voice. But I’m just a literary actress who stars in paper movies. What’s the fun in that if you can’t try on different roles from time to time?

Here are some examples of authors I’ve tried on…

Stephen King
The style I used in The List was patterned after one of Stephen King’s short stories called  The Man Who Loved Flowers, however the story itself is entirely my own inspiration.

Crosby Bonsall
The dialog in Which Witch was loosely patterned after Homer’s conversation with the rabbit in the children’s story, Who’s a Pest? …and Yay! This story was included in Picture it & Write – Volume I – my first time published!

Lewis Carroll
Jenny Wilson in Jenny’s Nightmare is meant to be very much like Alice, although it doesn’t really show until later chapters.

Steve Warner
The humor piece, A Call to Julie, was a parody of similar posts by a fellow WordPress blogger.

Mickey Spillane
Picking Locks introduced a throwback private eye, Kasey Scanlon, whose overuse of cliché, self-obsession, and all-female clientele were inspired by Mike Hammer. I enjoyed his character so much, I wrote him again in Disappearing Act. Most recently, he made an appearance with none other than Betty Boop, in a more classic early 20th century setting in Private Eyes.

Maurice Sendak
A Children Story was written in tribute to his marvelous contribution to my childhood fantasies.

Rudyard Kipling
The Man Who Emptied the Sea was a parody of his Just So Stories with direct references to The Crab Who Played With the Sea.

Cheech y Chong
Not that they were writers, but Jesús of Nazareth was intended to parody the comedy skits of these two comedians.

Edgar Allan Poe
I love Poe! Nevermore is infused with inspiration from The Raven, The Tell-Tale Heart and The Fall of the House of Usher.

Isabel Allende
I was actually writing The Arrangement in my sleep after finishing The Stories of Eva Luna.

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