When I think of butterflies today, I think of the precious value of beautiful moments, and how they are too often fleeting.

For Jenna, who’s shared so much of her inspiring, beautiful and very personal poetry, and who keeps reminding me of this poem. I wrote it in my teens for my other half in a long-distance romance that was already over with and I just didn’t know it. For years, this poem meant the ultimate embarrassment to me, like showing up with a bottle of wine in a skimpy teddy, nylons and your tallest pumps, only to find he’s not alone, and then looking down and realizing you have a run. Jenna showed me that it’s the feelings I had then that make the poem what it should be, and not how I feel now.


Gentle and delicate, simple and free,
Butterflies symbolize love.
They represent harmony, freedom and peace
and the beauty of Heaven above.

The smallest, most fragile and by far the weakest
of all God’s most beautiful art,
the butterfly lifts with the greatest of ease
the heaviest weight from your heart.

I wish I could fly like the butterfly
or mail myself in a crate.
I’d be with you there with the flit of a wing
but I can’t so you’ll just have to wait.

If all I can send to you now is a butterfly,
remember that one thing’s still true:
This butterfly’s fluttered from West coast to East coast
to carry my heart’s love to you.

© 2011 Anne Schilde


So yeah, today I would write “One of the smallest, most fragile, and weakest…” I’d fix the stupid crate thing (darn runs), and I’d change the end to something more like “from my heart to your heart to carry my love to you.” But that’s the way I sent it. What can I say? I had butterflies in my stomach.

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Image "Webster's Kiss" © 2011 Anne Schilde Thanks always for reading! ♥
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20 Responses to Butterfly

  1. rumpydog says:

    That’s beautiful! I hope it’s no longer an embarrassment. Jenna’s right.

  2. Anne Schilde says:

    Thank you, Rumpy. 🙂 I was at least able to post it the way I wrote it.

  3. elaviel413 says:

    I’m rendered speechless by your dedication of this post to me! Oh my goodness, you’ve brought a huge smile to my face! Thank you for all of your kind words!

    And your poem is beautiful! Nothing to be embarrassed about. I love it.

    Thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂 ❤

  4. Anne, you are so so lovely with poetry, just beautiful. You really are beautiful in pen.

    Anne, I was wondering if I could approach you by private email to ask you a question. I don’t see an email address for you anywhere. I don’t see it on your gravatar, so I’m guessing you’re private. I understand this fully, but if you felt you could trust me to email you once, once only (on the question), I would be honoured if you would permit me to. If it greatly, greatly goes against your grain I will accept it and put it in a comment, but I’m just trying to avoid that. Sincerely N’n. wordsfallfrommyeyes@hotmail.com

  5. Jezzmindah says:

    I love the crate bit. It’s like a touch of the real, something heavy, mundane and ugly in the midst of the otherwise fanciful.

    PS Jenna is totally right. You wrote what you felt at the time and it made you into what you are 😉

    • Anne Schilde says:

      Oh, defending the crate! Haha! I didn’t expect that! It just seemed such an impossible shift from being in this crate to flitting my wing. Apples and oranges. 😉 Thanks for that.

  6. Tincup says:

    That is a sweet poem…makes me a little sad knowing the background. I wish I had some my poems that I wrote to past loves…but they are either stored away in a nice little box…or they have been crumpled up and tossed away:)

  7. Sunshine says:

    “harmony, freedom and peace”….heavenly words

  8. Phil's Lounge says:

    Touching, heartfelt and very romantic…
    Hopefully you read it with a smile knowing (if it hasn’t happened already) that you will be able to share this with he who deserves the sentiment and emotions behind the words….Hope that makes sense?

    Anne, in answer to your comment, where writing is concerned I’m usually very giving but I’m in a receiving mode at the moment…Thanks for sharing honey. 😉

    • Anne Schilde says:

      Thank you, Phil. Absolutely it makes sense, but you know, I think I shared it with the people who deserve the sentiment and emotion when I posted it here. ♥
      I have about 50 really lonely archives if you run out of stuff to receive. 😉

  9. eva626 says:

    what a lovely poem! i also like the picture!

  10. This really answered my downside, thank you!

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