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In which Jessi and I Catch a Squonk

The only time Jessi ever stayed over at my house, it was for a whole weekend. It was actually the only time I ever had a friend stay the night. Jessi was seven and I was almost. Her parents were out of town; her … Continue reading

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Ravenous, inspiration finds me. Hidden deep beneath the ice of yesterday’s tears, Bête Noire skillfully hunts its prey. I huddle still, frozen by my terror of the words themselves, and it smells my fear. Teeth of raw emotion tear at my … Continue reading

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Good Gravy

★ SPECIAL EDITION ★ This week is a special edition of Ermilia’s Picture It & Write writing prompt. For those of you who don’t already read and/or participate each week, please check out the post here to see what it’s … Continue reading

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