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Night Jump

Reid Ferland knew his hobby would be his death. Skydiving had been his passion since the days when he and his brothers would climb to the roof of the barn with their mom’s good linen sheets. With more than eleven … Continue reading

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Picture it & Write

Yay! My first time published! Many of you are already familiar with the fantastic writing prompt that inspired this publication, but for those who aren’t, I encourage anyone to play along each Saturday, or at least stop by and read. … Continue reading

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The Other Woman

She was beautiful, Scanlon informed me, a stunning brunette in her late twenties. She wore a flattering pricy red cocktail dress and lipstick that perfectly matched. Silver-chain sandal stilettos flaunted what her dress flattered most as she walked into the … Continue reading

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Protected: Two Sisters

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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12 Woodbury Lane

Woodbury Lane isn’t the sort of place you’d want to grow up. A few of the neighbors might argue its merits, but that is really of no consequence, as this isn’t a story about the neighbors. It is about a … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Wasn’t There

The first time she walked in, no one noticed her. The speaker never hesitated a word. Barely an eye flickered when she sat quietly by herself in a back seat near the door. She listened quietly as the speaker finished … Continue reading

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“I’m really glad you came, Jess.” “I had to,” she stated plainly. “Imagine what you’re apartment would look like without me. Your interior decorating skills suck!” I almost smiled. “You know what? I did the most important room by myself.” … Continue reading

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The Last of the Manzanita

In the Golden Times, the times of Timbok’s father’s father’s father, before the Burning Rains came, the Manzanita grew thick in the Valley of Fantasy. Small rodents hid beneath the Manzanita’s gnarly thickets. Birds nested safely in their bounty of … Continue reading

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Private Eyes

The phone rang interrupting a perfectly good nap. It wasn’t my usual phone. It was an obnoxious fire alarm emanating from beneath a thick black receiver perched on a T-shaped cradle. I picked it up. “Private Investigative Services, Scanlon,” I … Continue reading

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The Arrangement

Juan Felipe Guerrero de Ortega, only son of El Primadór, was thirty-six years old when his marriage to Marta Sánchez was announced. Marta was the daughter of Hector and Isabela Sánchez, the most affluent family in Tierra de Pluma. She was just … Continue reading

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