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Blah, Blah, Blah…

So this is another Yay! post! I realize Blah, Blah, Blah… might seem like a funny title for a Yay! post, but really it’s very appropriate, because “blah” is about my third favorite word behind “stuff” and “grr!” and because what I … Continue reading

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Flower Awards

Hi everybody, my name’s Flower Anne. I got really excited when I saw the pretty flower Annie got and I wanted to help her. She says she’s too busy and doesn’t have time for awards, so she said I could … Continue reading

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The Versatile Blogger

Before I begin, I was just noticing that the qwerty layout designed more than two centuries ago by  Christopher Latham Shole works really well in conjunction with a right-handed mouse. Clairvoyant? Maybe. Sorry, I so seldom write anything non-fiction, I … Continue reading

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Liebster Blog Award

I recently received this award from Miss Demure Restraint and so first, an offer of humble gratitude, and a few words about her blog. MDR is my most recent nominee for the One Lovely Blog Award. She was recently featured … Continue reading

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One Lovely Blog Award

On November 13th (14th if you’re in Australia) I had three simultaneous experiences, all of which were completely new to me. The most amazing of those was that I got to hear for the first time ever, someone else reading … Continue reading

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Statistical Analysis

Whee! Today is my Annieversary! What? Oh oops, I’m still romantically unaffiliated. No, some of you may already be aware that these stories first began appearing on my Facebook page some time ago. A couple of people have even stuck … Continue reading

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