A Very Good Story

Alice through the Looking Glass, 2007

Alice through the Looking Glass, 2007 by Su Blackwell

Sit down, relax, make yourself comfortable, and lean in close. I’m going to tell you a story. It’s a very good story and it would be a terrible misfortune to spoil it with discomfort. I will picture you at first (as you won’t be that way long) snuggling warmly next to me by an evening fire, wrapped in a robe since you’ve just had a good bath, and eagerly awaiting each page as I turn it. I shall picture us this way because those are things that make me comfortable and I should like to be Continue reading

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Click the pic for the original challenge. Written for Ermilia’s Picture It & Write.

Nana and I stepped out under a late night sky. It was just a walk, but I was thrilled beyond belief! I wasn’t ever allowed outside after dark, but Nana was the boss of Mama, and so when she invited me to walk with her a solid hour past my bedtime, I was simply bubbling over inside with triumph almost impossible to contain! It wasn’t long before my thrill was replaced by awkward silence.

I was six. I really didn’t know Nana. She and Daddy mutually loathed each other, and so I’d heard nothing but bad things about her. Quite factually, I’d pictured her a lot like the witch in The Wizard of Oz, with green skin and a cackling laugh and everything, and so I was still trying to sort out whether a witch might be hiding underneath her rather ordinary appearance.

Straight away, Nana fumbled around in her purse, producing a single cigarette, which she lit, instructing me that I mustn’t tell. As quickly as it had arrived, my awkward silence was Continue reading

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Hyatt Sloughton


This one’s actually in South Korea, but I couldn’t seem to find any pictures of Sloughton at all… strange.

This is part two of 12 Woodbury Lane.

Alec set the suitcase down just inside the door, out of harm’s way. He turned the luggage tag over and back again, staring at the name momentarily in incredulity. He pulled the letter out of his pocket to compare the postback with the name affixed to the randomly placed piece of luggage. He checked it twice to be sure. Then he tucked the letter back and turned to find Estelle watching him intently.

Seldom did Alec Continue reading

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Night Jump


Click the pic for the original challenge. Written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.

Reid Ferland knew his hobby would be his death. Skydiving had been his passion since the days when he and his brothers would climb to the roof of the barn with their mom’s good linen sheets. With more than eleven thousand jumps logged, no one else was really surprised either on the night they scraped him off the ground.

For some of us, choosing how we live is also choosing how we die. Reid was a skydiver, and that’s the thing about skydiving: if you truly love it, it’s not a matter of if anymore, just when. For Reid Ferland, when came a little sooner than expected, but not too much.

I think he died a happy man.

No one really Continue reading

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Picture it & Write

Picture courtesy of Ermilia LLC.

Click the pic for all the details on how to get your copy and help contribute to this amazing charity.

Yay! My first time published!

Many of you are already familiar with the fantastic writing prompt that inspired this publication, but for those who aren’t, I encourage anyone to play along each Saturday, or at least stop by and read. This book of entries for the prompt includes four of my short pieces of fiction along with some wonderful contributions from twenty-three other talented authors.

The paperback and eBook are now available on Amazon. All profits go to The Girl Effect, a charity dedicated to empowering young women in underprivileged countries. I hope you’ll take a peek!

Thanks always for reading! ♥

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The Other Woman


Click the pic for the original challenge. Written for Ermilia’s Picture It & Write.

She was beautiful, Scanlon informed me, a stunning brunette in her late twenties. She wore a flattering pricy red cocktail dress and lipstick that perfectly matched. Silver-chain sandal stilettos flaunted what her dress flattered most as she walked into the club at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Charlotte.

She took a seat alone at the bar and ordered a grapefruit martini, brushing the bartender’s hand flirtatiously when he brought it. She sipped at it impatiently before setting it down on the counter. Perfectly manicured French tips delicately tapped the rim Continue reading

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