Click the pic for the original challenge. Written for Pirate’s Līgo Haībun Challenge.
~ Prompt “Bouquet/Bouquet of Flowers/Flower”

Nature takes back what’s hers. Some things stand a time longer than others, but in time she takes them all.

~ Anne Schilde

Lonely flowers will likely decorate my final plot when nature takes me back. They will come, she’ll take them too, and in time, they’ll come no more. Who then will say I was a writer if the words I leave behind do not? And what perfect words upon my tomb at journey’s end will tell the world of my undying passion for the words I so loved to write?

If all my life I thought it through, I doubt I’d ever find more perfect words than those inscribed there now. They’re fitting, don’t you think? What poetic script could be more apropos? She’ll take my breath, she’ll take my bones, but she cannot have my epitaph. For if indeed I truly am a writer, then e’er my words shall dance upon my grave.

forgotten bouquets
wilted memories of me
my words linger on

© 2013 Anne Schilde

for Pauper Prince ♥

About Anne Schilde

Image "Webster's Kiss" © 2011 Anne Schilde Thanks always for reading! ♥
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46 Responses to Epitaph

  1. joetwo says:

    Very well written. I think that I heard that quote before, but can’t quite place it! Up to your usual high standards!

  2. there’s a comfort in knowing you can give a part of yourself to remain, regardless of nature’s claim. Nicely expressed.

  3. nightlake says:

    Beautiful write-up..It is true that words will live forever..

  4. kz says:

    wonderful writing as always. your name is Flower Anne? that’s nice. Flower’s really nice, sounds very carefree ^^ love this line “Who then will say I was a writer if the words I leave behind do not?” and of course, that quote from you in the beginning.

  5. sticks and stones
    interred with bones
    but words will never fail me

    Live life and love
    and leave the rest
    and rest in peace upon my breast.

    wherein lies the pauper prince…

    • Anne Schilde says:

      What a beautiful response, Randy!

      • You, and your writing, inspire me… Thanks.

        You are also so prolific. It is amazing to me. i can’t keep up with all your writing. I have papers around the office and the house that i keep reading. I am a poor computer reader so I am constantly printing them out to read. Plus I like the feel of paper in my hands and turning pages and going back and relaxing with your words.

        therein is my epitaph for you

      • Anne Schilde says:

        Haha, well obviously, you’ve inspired me to think the last couple of days. I hope what I wrote was encouraging. You are never obligated to read… unless you’re familiar with Kipling.

      • This is Kipling:
        If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
        If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
        If you can meet with triumph and disaster
        And treat those two imposters just the same;

        What lines are you referring to?

      • Anne Schilde says:

        I wrote a parody of his Just So Stories, called The Man who Emptied the Sea. 🙂

      • Yes i have it printed it and will move it to the top. You just posted it recently. A day or so ago?

  6. soumyav says:

    what a writ eup Anne ! you just wiped evrything off the mind! just you and your words remain!

  7. In the words being indestructble lies hop of humanity and hope for our memories. We all now that the evil always attack the words first as they see them as the biggest threat, Great write

  8. JazzBumpa says:

    Flowers do make us think about mortality.
    Will my words live on?
    Only as long as there is an internet.


  9. Sunshine says:

    death may seem sad to some but if we leave a beautiful legacy, it should come as a joyful event. love the last words in your haiku…”my words linger on.” ♥

  10. We are indeed in the hands of nature, and She has the right to take us back any time… A beautiful post!

  11. yebuccaneer says:

    Beautifully carved. This piece does read as if it will be found years hence by someone, and pondered over..very nice lines in finishing.

  12. Gracy Dsouza says:

    It’s such a pleasure reading this beautiful piece of writing. So true, nature will take everything but not our words. And that haiku in the end says this so beautifully.

    • Anne Schilde says:

      Thanks, Gracy. I went to Mt. Diablo, where tectonic upheaval has unearthed walls of compressed sand, carved by centuries of wind. Like thousands of others, I signed my name. I realized after I did it, that my signature will probably still be there after I’m dead, but the wind will eventually eat it away. It kind of stuck with me.

  13. ladynimue says:

    lovely !!
    Loved this one. perfect 🙂

  14. Ermilia says:

    Perfection. May your words, my words, our words, live on.

    – Ermisenda

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