The Artist

Dreams have always been a chicken vs. egg question for me. I'm never really sure which comes first, the reality or the dream.

I wrote this poem when I was in college, maybe with too much on my mind.
I decided to include it here because it shows my perpetual fascination with dreams.
It will probably be my last poem for a while…


In waking we die,
and in dreams are reborn.
In the moments that lie in between,
with quiet anxiety, we coax silently,
and our voice has the volume of universes.
…but it was only the alarm clock,
and once again, we die and are reborn.

Which was the birth?  …and which was the death?
It seems for a moment we know,
and then we realize
that there are parts of the moment
of which birth and death know little.
We look into the moment-parts.
We see beautiful sounds.
…hear comfort.
…and paint pictures of births and deaths.

As night becomes day in an endless cycle,
we gather around the moment,
and watch messengers of life ride on the bristles
of invisible paint brushes.
We sit on the frame,
and cry out praises and criticisms for the mysterious artist who paints us.
…and as the day becomes night in an endless cycle,
we listen.

© 2011 Anne Schilde

About Anne Schilde

Image "Webster's Kiss" © 2011 Anne Schilde Thanks always for reading! ♥
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42 Responses to The Artist

  1. elaviel413 says:

    It’s beautiful and sparks wondering thought! 🙂

  2. Awesome writing and omg I love that picture!
    Good work!

  3. Tincup says:

    Magical and thought pondering poem Anne.

  4. I like how you connect dreaming and waking with dying and being reborn. It can be like that, can’t it? There have been times in my life where everything was so hazy that I wondered which part was real: the dream or the waking. Wonderful poem.

  5. Ermilia says:

    I ❤ the last stanza. Stunning. Eloquent. Delicious (yes, delicious.) Great work, Anne!

    – Ermisenda

  6. Phil's Lounge says:

    That’s an interesting thought provoking poem Anne and being a son of an Artist, I admire the cleverness of “Websters Kiss”.
    I’ve told you that I also have a fascination for dreams…I also dream very vividly.
    I remember (when I was a virgin) dreaming about the sensations I would feel whilst making love and it was exactly the same, when I lost my virginity..I remember lying there having a Deja Vu moment, realizing I had previously experienced it in a dream…very surreal.

    I have many prophetic dreams, many dreams in which I know I’m dreaming, sometimes I’m in the body of someone else…the list goes on.

    I believe, If we are able to ‘wake up’ and make our good and possible dreams a ‘reality’, we would live very rich lives. 🙂

  7. Katerina says:

    I totally identify with this one. Sometimes (too often, I feel) things happen and I could swear I had had a dream about these happenings before they happened. It’s happened since I was younger, and I think at some point I may have convinced myself that I was imagining having dreamt these things. But now I’m not so sure… and certain freaky incidents don’t help. Such as, I once dreamt a friend was delivering a baby girl, so I asked her if she was expecting and guess what? She was, and added ‘you’re the first to know’ (after the baby’s father, of course.) And yes, the baby turned out to be a girl, too. That and a few other incidents with the whole dream thing, so I’m not sure any more… I just let it be. Good to know I’m not alone…

    I have also dreamt movies. LOL. When I first had one of those, years ago, I remember my university room mates laughing when I mentioned it, saying I’ve gone too far and my boyfriend saying ‘oh, no…. please don’t tell me you’re going to become an actress.’ Haha… But seriously, in my dreams, it was a whole movie script, vivid intense scenes, with actresses of Asian descent in the first ‘movie’ dream (me, an African child!) and I still remember how the ‘movie’ played out. Complex, this dream thing.

    • Anne Schilde says:

      I dreamed a girl I hadn’t seen in a while at work was pregnant, and then got called into a meeting with her the next day and found out that she really was.

      If you keep reading around the way you have today, you’ll find more than one crazy movie dream.

      You’re definitely not not alone. 🙂

  8. poets mystify me. and i agree that who knows which is what about existence. continue…

    • Anne Schilde says:

      Haha, poets mystify me too! Thanks for reading!

      • Tincup says:

        Ha…you are a poet! A good poet…and I am not one…is direct and message is clear…I can’t stand the poets that when after reading their piece you have no idea what they were trying to say…might as well be an abstract painter…LOL…

      • Anne Schilde says:

        Whatever on Earth? Are you talking about the comment I left in poetry? I loved a couple of your poems! But then I can’t tell a sonnet from a couplet. You must have something you want me to read… 🙂

      • Tincup says:

        LOL…if I want you to read something I will ask you dear:) You have several poems on your site including the lovely one on this very post! And it is direct and makes the point in flowing beauty. I don’t know all the forms of poetry and that technical crap…it show just flow from within…free style…since we are amatures…the freedom of not being an intellectual or an artist:)

      • Anne Schilde says:

        I will pretend that the fact that I was right means nothing (cuz it kinda doesn’t). Response to that thing you “didn’t want me to read” posted. 😉

      • Tincup says:

        Oh my god…is that really you with the shot gun? Well…I will respond…loved the post if I understand it…although…I wasn’t expecting you to look at that post…but glad you did:)

        I do want you to read my reply to the other post and respond…in case I didn’t interpret your message correctly…I think it was relating to Flaming Sword…

        And one more thing…you need to write more poems:)

      • Anne Schilde says:

        Haha, no, I wish I was a red with frecks! Just me finding what I can’t live.

  9. Tincup says:

    I like brunetts and dark hair…never dated a blonde except once…in Germany…strange…some primal superficial attribute like hair color…you are right…we are all idiots:)

  10. Tincup says:

    Which is why the true wiseman…or wisewoman…becomes either a philosopher or a poet:)
    ~ TinCup

  11. Tincup says:

    By all means…I am sure we will be published and famous any day now:) It was a pleasure…had some great laughs last night without a sip of beer or wine.

    • Anne Schilde says:

      I typically don’t write humor, so it spills out in my comments sometimes. I’m glad you laughed!

      • Tincup says:

        Get your butt over to my blog and hit the “participate” button so you know when I post more eloquence…I listed your blog as an “regular” participant and also a blog I enjoy reading…so get off your lazy xss and hit the button:)

  12. joetwo says:

    Wonderful poem Anne. I’m not a big dreamer, unless you count the day kind. It is a wonderful look at the creative process.

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