Vampires Suck

Click the pic for the original challenge. Written for Mindslam's Write Wednesdays #4. Yeah he's hot, but that sticking the teeth in me thing? breaker! Maybe someday I'll share my vampire with you.

The word we use for it is “predatory” and it’s an attribute of human nature I don’t understand. I see it. I even know how to feel it and recreate it in a disturbingly believable writing style. It’s far more common than I’m comfortable with, from the bullies in grade school to the freaks who see children as objects of pornography. It makes no sense to me why you would take advantage of another person this way.

One of the things that seems evident to me, is that those who behave in this predatory fashion, not only know it is wrong, but they are thrilled by it. It’s common for them to get worse as time goes on. Their disgusting acts become mundane and they need more to satisfy their demented needs.

The imagery that creates for me is one of vampires. Lifeless creatures who prey on us, sucking our blood which only increases their thirst. If they leave us alive, it is only to suffer their defiling curse. How interesting it is to me that our culture today adores and idolizes these vampires, sees them as romantic, and yet they are so very like this man who preyed on young men, taking them for their sex and leaving them defiled by his curse. Of course, today’s idiot, blood-sucking freak is Jerry Sandusky.

I recently commented on a completely different topic, noting that the only real glasses I ever saw with tape on them were like that as the result of a bully. I was in 7th grade when I watched two boys picking on Kenny for no other reason than because he was different. Kenny was near-sighted, had a brain disorder, and he had a face only a mother could love. He was, in the bullies’ eyes, inferior. Similar behavior is exhibited by some pack animals when they maim a weakened or injured member of the pack and leave it to die.

I did my best to defend Kenny. I’m afraid my words were my only formidable weapon. I picked up his books and broken glasses afterward and I carried them for him. I tried to tell him the boys were just stupid. I did the best I could to be his friend. It wasn’t possible. Kenny lived in a very different world, and he didn’t seem to understand or appreciate my efforts. To him the world was full of people like those bullies.

Before we finished middle school, Kenny’s cornea-transplant failed. He lost his eyesight completely and was transferred to a school for the blind. Shortly after, we got the news that he had died.

I share this story here because the moments that Kenny had left in his life were few enough and precious enough to make my point hurt and I want it to hurt. It was unthinkable to me that someone would want to make his life more miserable, make him live those moments persecuted, shamed, and in pain. I broke down crying for weeks afterward whenever I thought about that day and I beat those stupid kids up a hundred times in my head.

We don’t have to be physically impaired to be precious. The simple theory here is that all we have to be is born. And yet this vampiric sodomizer of young boys was born too, wasn’t he? You know what? I’m having a tough time feeling the love. You’ve probably guessed by now that I know what it’s like to be a victim of abuse, but this isn’t about me. It’s about eight young men who lived to wear a curse. To them, the world is full of people like Jerry Sandusky.

I know I’m not supposed to judge. This man is a predator and that is not my judgment. He stalked his prey, he baited his prey, he made his kill, and he feasted on their flesh. I’m pretty sure that’s just the definition of a predator. My judgment is that this man is a sociopath. His apology to the mother of his victim and the face he wears in handcuffs show me complete apathy. There is no remorse, no compassion, even for himself. It is the face of someone who simply got caught. It is the face of a vampire apologizing because he sucked your blood.

Yeah, you suck, Jerry. Go directly to jail. Do not pass the Blood Bank. Do not collect any more victims.

© 2011 Anne Schilde

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20 Responses to Vampires Suck

  1. Tincup says:

    Wow…you cover a lot here. I have never bought into the romance of vampirism…not appealing to me…well…sometimes the vampire women look pretty good…maybe eternal life is appealing but not that way.

    In regards to bullies…I once made fun of this kid on the bus because he had think glasses and he acted strange…his brother came over and almost beat the crap out of me…he certainly scared me…and he told me his brother had a disability…really made me feel like the size of an ant. I think I was in 4th grade. His brother taught me a valuable lesson. I don’t think I was a horrible kid but I can’t explain why I picked on that boy. I have much compasion for people with disabilities now…but I am not sure what drove me to be such a jerk to that boy.

    • Anne Schilde says:

      Wow! That’s such a powerful comment! I mean you know I think it really adds to my story… kinda showing the other side a little. I’m starting to feel that poem you are going to write for me. 🙂

  2. Tincup says:

    Ha….Ok sweet heart…but first you have to give me some fuel for the fire…what is your favorite post or two which you have published on this blog?

    • Anne Schilde says:

      That’s such a strange question. I would expect your poem to be from… well, but that’s pretty awesome! I tag my ♥ Fav posts but I guess that doesn’t help. I have several, so let me pick one for you… Haha! This isn’t even one of my favs but, I think it’s going to inspire you! From back when I still just wrote up my dreams as dreams… Mrs. Anderson.

  3. jules says:

    woah! In regards to the bullying, it’s something that I could relate to. For example, and I’ll be explaining this in my novel, I was picked on for being the teachers pet, made to sing/perform concerts for the older kids (who used to laugh at my expense), etc. School wasn’t the fondest memories of my life. But, for me to heal the wound, I have to write about it….


    • Anne Schilde says:

      I like to say that the only thing I didn’t hate about school was school. It’s an ordeal for so many of us, and maybe that’s part of what leads to bullying in the first place. Looking forward to your book, Jules. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. That is so sad, Anne, that Kenny’s life had not much joy in it. Wouldn’t it have been justice for the bullies to go blind, to know what imperfect/no sight is like? I am glad you defended him. This is a really thoughtful post. It has a lot of heart. It’s sad though. Really good stuff.

  5. mindslam says:

    That was great Anne, can’t see this idea being done any better. Great job.

  6. natasiarose says:

    I don’t get the sexy vampire thing either! Like…ew.

  7. davehiner11 says:

    Very well said and written Annie.
    …and on this one many of the readers comments are so good too.

    I also do not understand the nature of being a human predator.
    I try to understand that some people out there really are mentally ill and need help,
    but when they choose the path that’s morally reprehensible, they go from ill to monster or psychopath… and when I think of what they do, or have done to others, then it makes me want to make them suffer as much as their victims.
    To me that would be justice after the crimes… although nothing justifies what has actually been done to the victims.

    As for bullying on a lower scale, as what was done to you childhood friend, it is so sad to hear of that happening.
    I think so much of our human race is in need of more education, and in need of tougher consequences for their actions.
    Our television shows, music that we listen to, and even the actions of our own government uphold the idea that people can do whatever they want to as long as they don’t get caught… and no big deal if you do, because what’s the worst that can happen, a slap on the wrist in most cases.
    Certainly part of it is raw human nature to make oneself superior over another, but that doesn’t make it right.
    Education is the key, and where education falls short, consequence takes over, and the consequences of actions for those who chose to commit crimes against humanity are extremely lacking.
    I would say those bullies should have had to clean the school bathrooms every day for a week, and after that move to stronger punishment if necessary.
    Such things can and do contribute to how we think and live for the rest of our lives, and that includes being bullied, being the bully, and the consequences thereof as well.
    Unfortunately, the world also seems to lack more heroes to step up and help those being bullied like you did for your friend.
    So proud of you for doing that, and while losing him was very hurtful, knowing you did right by him will hopefully keep your heart strong and proud.

    • Anne Schilde says:

      Awesome comment and thanks for adding your point of view, Dave. In the case of Penn State I wrote before I really understood the depth of the problem, and I failed to take to task those who turned their heads and allowed the predator to go on. Fortunately, I am not the only one with a voice. For any others stopping by, I recommend a look at this post at a blog I follow called The Monster in Your Closet.

  8. bullies are cowards. and, if this guy sandusky did what he did, he should be thrown into a cell with a hugely endowed guy named Monster. continue…

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