My rum raisin cheesecakes are prettier!

OMG! Sometimes I just hate cheesecakes!

I know, I know, I know… you have to love first before you can hate and I admit that I do. Ever since I discovered that alcohol could be introduced to cooking, cheesecakes have become one of my favorite art forms. God, if only you could eat one and get drunk on it’s taste! Well, maybe you could if this was one of my normal dream posts. 😉

Lots of you out there have tried this and lots of you out there are experts. I know! I know the rules, I don’t need any (more) advice… but my damn cheesecake split! SPLIT! It wasn’t supposed to be a Grand Canyon cheesecake, it was supposed to be a Rum Raisin cheesecake! I’ve made these before (different oven) without any problems and I took the risk on purpose because there is nothing more beautiful than the random swirls of cinnamon, raisins and (yes) rum (I know how) across the surface.

Stupid thing didn’t even split along a natural raisin line. It split across no line in particular… a shrink line! It split because it hates me! It split… because I have company coming and I care what they are going to think, and it knows I can’t bake another cheesecake before they get here! Grr!

My roommate is mysteriously “away” when this happens at home. My family has always hidden and pretended to be “busy” like they do now. I promise, I have never… really never… thrown one. I might throw this one. If I see something in the wee hours of the morning that looks remotely like a split it had better beware.

Split = Target

My cheesecakes are a hit. I know that. I will survive this like many far more significant tragedies in my life. My friends will come, they will taste it and after it’s all cut up they will say what all my other poor petrified friends said, “See? You can’t even tell anymore!” Can you tell I’ve heard this before? What are you saying? I always split my cheesecakes? It’s NOT TRUE! I’m GOOD at this!

Honestly, I know why. I had fresh cream and not-so-fresh cream and I chose frugality over common sense. For those of you who push the limits of cheesecakes without baths… take notice. Both cream and cream cheese age. Aging changes the physical properties of your key ingredients. You don’t need a water bath to bake a cheesecake, but you need enough understanding of physics to know that the whole point in the cream was… that it isn’t cheese yet!!!

I will live.

My cheesecake will taste so good no one will care.

That is not a cliff….

© 2010 Anne Schilde

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Image "Webster's Kiss" © 2011 Anne Schilde Thanks always for reading! ♥
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